Mckinnon Photography – Karen McKinnon “We have had the pleasure of working with Nicole and have found her to be professional, organized and thorough. We highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to have their accounting (taxes, whatever you like here) done efficiently and courteously. She got everything sorted, schooled me, and made me laugh all for a very competitive fee. Can’t beat her. (Plus, she does tons in our community.”

Charisma Essentials – Christina “Nicole Cahoon has been my accountant for two successful years. Charisma’s Essentials growth and future business is confidently happy to continue with Nicole and her team! As the owner and office administrator I know I truly would be at a lose without their knowledge and  desk side manners, thank you!”

Axis Heating & Cooling – Kristen Pronick “Nicole has been my business accountant since I first started my business in September of 2013. Nicole and her team are beyond helpful, professional and knowledgeable. They were a valuable source of information for me and continue to offer advice and help. I am very happy with Nicole and her services and would not hesitate to recommend her to any business, organization or person.”

The Beez Kneez Catering Company = Lena de Ridder “We had initially reached out for recommendations for accountants in the Comox Valley and everyone we spoke with recommended Nicole Cahoon. She is personable, honest and will genuinely answer each and every question you may have about accounting for your business. Nicole Cahoons’ staff are knowledgeable, dependable and go above and beyond to make you feel at ease as a client. Nicole Cahoon’s practice has been there for us at our time of need for both business and personal experiences. ”

Lance Petty – Temprite Climate Solutions Ltd “A year and a half ago I decided to take the plunge into the world of starting my own business.  The advice experienced business owners gave me was “stick to what you’re good at and hire good people to do the rest”.  Taking their advice seriously I made the right choice to go with Nicole and her team.  They worked with me every step of the way.  Whether its getting month end and payroll done on time or consulting with me on strategy and goals, Nicole and her team take pride of what they’re good at.  Nicole takes ownership of her responsibilities and plays a significant role in the success of my company.  I highly recommend Nicole for anyone that requires an accounting, bookkeeping, consulting or tax professional. Oh and she has good taste in scotch lol”

Tailfeather Graphic Design – Shelly Stanchuk “Nicole has been taking care of my personal and business bookkeeping and tax preparation since June of 2013. I have been very pleased with the high quality service, expertise and knowledge they’ve shown, and always feel I’m in good hands. They’ve also helped me keep my business’ financials up-to-date with friendly and professional reminders of tax and filing deadlines, and have always been willing to explain anything that I’m unaware of or unfamiliar with. They expertly and efficiently provide top-notch service, for which I am very grateful. I would highly recommend the team at Nicole Cahoon.”

Tamara Penna – Purely Flowers “I really like working with Nicole Cahoon and her team. I deal with Katie for daily items. Katie is my connection for all my everyday things, she does all the paperwork for my quarterly PST submissions and all my bi-weekly payroll and source deductions. I have come from chaos into organization since I started working with them, about 2 years ago. Katie is amazing at reminding me if I am nearing a PST, or payroll deadline. She is also always good about answering my million questions when I call. I used to be a totally mess around all my paperwork, and almost never hit a deadline, but working with Nicole and her team they help me to understand what is happening and I feel like I have a much better understanding of what is going on. I am most impressed that every time I approach them with an imminent deadline, or dire situation that needed to be sorted out they took every effort to meet my needs and they were incredibly kind and patient. I deal with Nicole around my annual taxes and planning stuff, she has educated answers to all my questions and I respect her professional knowledge. I mostly feel reassured about hiring an accountant that is not just a staff member, but actually the business owner of a growing business. I feel like Nicole totally gets the real issues of a business owner because she has the same realities.  All seriousness aside Nicole is a blast, and it is good to do business with people you enjoy being around. I believe that you will be very happy with Nicole and her team”

Natalie Hynninen – Robinson – Chair TNT “Nicole is one of the busiest women i know but still found time to donate her expertise to a great cause. It’s refreshing to see a local business woman giving back to her community. Thank you Nicole :)”

Heather Green  – RMT “Nicole and her team have been so helpful with mine and my husband’s taxes. Between a business, a rental property, and any other questions we’ve had, she’s made our paperwork confusion clearer and smoother. Not only has she helped us sort out any issues or questions we’ve had, she’s also been proactive in making suggestions on how to improve things that hadn’t even occurred to us. We will certainly be using her services for years to come!”

Janine Swanson – SKinTEGRITY “Thank you to Nicole and staff for making tax season stress free for me. Even during their busiest time they came out smiling and were so efficient. Highly recommend this office! :)”

Canadian Industrial Power and Control – Karen Tierney “We had Nicole do our monthly bookkeeping for two years. In that time we found Nicole and her employees to be very knowledgeable and helpful when it came to our very complicated bookkeeping. She was able to keep our 4 separate company books organized and simplified for us. We highly recommend Nicole and her great staff!