Mckinnon Photography 

 “We have had the pleasure of working with Nicole and have found her to be professional, organized and thorough. We highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to have their accounting (taxes, whatever you like here) done efficiently and courteously. She got everything sorted, schooled me, and made me laugh all for a very competitive fee. Can’t beat her. (Plus, she does tons in our community.”

Christina Roersma

“Such great customer service and support. It is an adventure owning your own business and with Nicole Cahoon and Team’s accounting/ bookkeeping help your able to make good decisions and have the information and support to strive even higher than you thought possible!”

Roxie Props

“Nicole and her wonderful staff have been doing my taxes for as long as I can remember. They have handled me through three career changes and the end of a marriage. Nicole is always available to give me advice when I need it and she does an amazing job with my taxes. I highly recommend this company.”

Lance Petty – Temprite Climate Solutions Ltd

“A year and a half ago I decided to take the plunge into the world of starting my own business.  The advice experienced business owners gave me was “stick to what you’re good at and hire good people to do the rest”.  Taking their advice seriously I made the right choice to go with Nicole and her team.  They worked with me every step of the way.  Whether its getting month end and payroll done on time or consulting with me on strategy and goals, Nicole and her team take pride of what they’re good at.  Nicole takes ownership of her responsibilities and plays a significant role in the success of my company.  I highly recommend Nicole for anyone that requires an accounting, bookkeeping, consulting or tax professional. Oh and she has good taste in scotch lol”

Heather Green  – RMT

“Nicole and her team have been so helpful with mine and my husband’s taxes. Between a business, a rental property, and any other questions we’ve had, she’s made our paperwork confusion clearer and smoother. Not only has she helped us sort out any issues or questions we’ve had, she’s also been proactive in making suggestions on how to improve things that hadn’t even occurred to us. We will certainly be using her services for years to come!”

Janine Swanson – SKinTEGRITY

“Thank you to Nicole and staff for making tax season stress free for me. Even during their busiest time they came out smiling and were so efficient. Highly recommend this office! :)”